This is the perfect start up machine, especially if the budget is tight. Allwood has had the machine manufactured to be economic, but not taken any short cuts. The machine works at a slightly slower speed than the bigger model (6m/min +-walking speed) but with the slower speed the machine has the longer cutting time on the bottom edge giving the finished product a good edge. This edging machine also has 2 saw motors for front and back trimming - this makes it a nice smooth action and very easy to set up. This also allows for the front and back trimming to work on short sides like a 146mm drawer front. Some of the cheaper models from the opposition only have one saw motor with a blade on each side, this system does not work so well on short pieces and has more moving parts so more likely to fail. Our machine does not take up much factory space and is easy to move around if needed. This is a perfect first time edger and will be a great buy for any business.
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