Company Profile

Allwood Technology was founded by Scott Myles Snr in 2000.  When Scott was a young man he worked in his father’s wood working factory in the United Kingdom keeping the machines working and running at full potential, getting overseas training on the European machines, while also attending technical college, obtaining various qualifications.


Shortly after opening, Scott brought his oldest son Scott Myles Jnr into the business after various arrangements with certain agencies were finalized, Scott Jnr then went to many international manufacturers for training, Scott Jnr bounced from manufacturer to manufacturer, establishing a huge data-base of technical support and training, Scott Jnr had to work through all stages, the manufacturing of machines, seeing the machines being built and understanding the various designs, concepts and electrical components, while being taught by the best in the world.


Scott Snr and Scott Jnr were extremely busy, installing CNCs, beamsaws, edgers, moulders and all types of machinery that they introduced to the South African market. That is when the younger son, Roy, joined the company, Roy also travelled to Europe to the various manufacturers for the same training mentioned above.


Scott Snr, Scott Jnr and Roy became quite the team, with the common aim of fast reliable sales, service and unbeatable turn-around time!


As time went on the team became stronger and stronger, growing from strength to strength, fixing the most complicated jobs, taking on both more agencies and more customers.


Unfortunately, in 2007 Scott Snr passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack, his death was a shock to everyone and Scott is missed by all who knew him.


Scott Jnr and Roy stand together and have carried on the dream of really taking the South African market to its full potential.


Allwood Technology is still growing in size despite the death of its founder, with the two brothers standing tall with new, young ideas and marketing strategies, keeping existing customers happy while providing excellent service at a good price, holding up guarantees while also thinking about future business rather than a quick profit.


Allwood Technology is dedicated to sales and fast efficient service, keeping machines working at their full potential.